Our Trainers

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Keven Engel

Kevin "The HitMan" Engel
Head Trainer / Co-Owner

Kevin Engel is the Head Coach and co-owner of HIT Squad O’Fallen. Kevin is an undefeated professional MMA fighter, a professional boxer, a professional kick boxer, and a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Career History

Starting as a kickboxer, Kevin began training in 2001 and made his way through the amateur rankings, topping it off with a world title in 2004. As a professional boxer, Kevin started with an impressive 13-0 record and has since fought some of the top ranked fighters in the sport. He is now a veteran of over 25 professional boxing matches.

Kevin also holds a record of 47-6 in kickboxing. Kevin has competed on national television many times, on the likes of ESPN and Versus, including high-profile, main event fights on Showtime.

In 2012, Kevin made his professional MMA debut.

Ryan Counterman

Is a Golden Glove Boxer and is an open division boxer with USA Boxing.

Ian "The Dragon" Zarvos

Has competed in Kickboxing at an international level, fights for Shamrock promotions in Kickboxing and MMA. Ian is also a Golden Glove Champion Boxer.

Our Trainers

Adrienne Brusca


Adrienne is an international kickboxer and MMA fighter.

Brandon Runyon


Brandon is an active MMA Fighter with Shamrock F.C.

J.R. Hamm


J.R. is a vetern MMA fighter that specializes in teaching kids stand up and ground work tehniques.

Dan Herina


Professional kickboxer for Shamrock Entertainment and undefeated boxer. 

Kristin Herina

Yoga Instructor / Trainer

Kristin is a top notch yoga instructor and trainer.